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Bye bye button-problem!

Bright as a Button

Finding the right buttons sometimes is the most difficult part of a knitting project, right?!

Knitting is finished. All ends are woven in. The cardigan is washed and blocked to perfect shape. But - no buttons!

No chance to wear your new beauty ... how annoying !

But there is a simple solution!


For this cardigan (Bright as a Button, my new pattern on Ravelry and in my store) I made little crochet buttons. - No fear! they are so easy, that even if you never had a crochet hook in your hands, you can manage without any problems within a few minutes.

The crochet buttons are super easy and quick.

Work as follows (use a small needle and work tightly):

Make an open loop and work a chain stitch into the loop

crochet 9 single crochet sts into this loop (work tightly and use a small needle.

Pull the short yarn tail to tighten the ring

Join the round with a slip stitch into the first single crochet stitch.

Work 12-14 single crochet sts into this loop (or as many as necessary to cover all sts from the first round), at the end, join with a slip stitch , cut yarn and draw the end through last loop.

Join the two ends with a knot and use the ends to sew your buttons on to your cardigan.

I used the "wrong side" but both sides look nice.

(not very professional though, but it shows the process)

I works with most yarns, except fluffy kid mohair. In case your yarn is very thin, you can hold it double or triple.

No more excuses to finish your projects ! ;)


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