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About doubts and the magic of steam...

Often enough you knit something but it does not look convincing.

It doesn't look at all as if it could ever fit...

Especially with unusual constructions this can happen quite often. And I have a lot of them.

Because I like exciting things.

And I always have to try something new. It has always been like this. My most frequent question, with which I already annoyed everyone when I was in school: "but couldn't you do it like this?!"

So you knit a design of Hinterm Stein and think it's going to be an octopus. Or it's completely shriveled up. For example, that's what happened to my testers when they first knit my Fibonacci Love. It looked like a ruffled blouse....

And then Jutta comes along with the wonder weapon. Steam.

Very simple.

And all is well.

Whenever I'm not sure if something fits, I whip out the steam iron.

It's almost as good as washing and blocking.

Because even if you try your sweater on, it looks completely different unironed. And that can make such a big difference!

And it's so easy. After all, we can all iron, right?

So: just set the steam iron to "wool" or "silk" (just hot enough to activate the steam function), pour in water, and iron from the back side on the ironing board or on a soft surface. While doing this, stretch as you would like it to be afterwards.

Lots of steam. Little pressure. And after each area, let it sit for a short time and let it cool down a bit, so that the wool can also remember how it should lie now.

I start with the large areas / back and work my way forward on the sides, then you can also see how long, for example, the front panel should become. And if necessary, you can fix the place right away with pins and stretch a little.

If I am short in time, I leave everything on the needle. But you have to be very careful that the rope doesn't get hot and melt. It is better to pull the knitted fabric onto a thread (cotton, tear-resistant) beforehand, then it is much easier to lay it on and the result is more beautiful.

And most importantly, you can then try it on properly, without the needles dangling around.

And then you can see how beautiful it will be!

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